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Do you love your house, but just wish it were a little…bigger?

A home addition can create refreshing new space. However, if it’s poorly done, a home addition can also be an expensive eyesore. At Crafted Constructions, our experts won’t let that happen to you. Our goal is to add onto your home in a tasteful, seamless manner, so the addition is practically invisible.

Unless you want to make a statement of course...we're totally on board with that too!

Lift Up

No desire to move out and no land to spread out? 

Believe it or not, double storey extensions can often be more cost-effective than spreading out on the ground floor, as it won’t mean excavating, pulling out trees, compromising access or putting in retaining walls – and the brilliant view from the top is always free of charge!

Adding another floor is also less disruptive and you don’t have to touch your beloved garden!

Spread Out

If you’re running out of room inside but you have some space around you, a single storey extension may be the perfect solution.

They’re normally quite straightforward both structurally and in terms of council approval, so you get great bang for your buck whilst allowing for the total transformation of your living space.

Large, single storey homes are also perfect for letting your design creativity run, with open floor plans and alfresco living areas always popular options.

Extend Your Expectations

‎Crafted Constructions takes great pride in the relationships we build with our clients. We form partnerships to bring visions to life. To that end, our communication standards are unsurpassed in Melbourne: our response time is the fastest and our relationships are the strongest in the industry.

Whether you are a homeowner, business owner, architect or designer, we are eager to hear your construction ideas. Get in touch with us today to get started on your next amazing project.

Brad: 0408 174 641